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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!

Bachelor of Arts - Humanities at midwestern state university Tuition:$13,920.00 USD / Year (Scholarship available)

Midwestern State University (MSU Texas) offers a Bachelor of Arts in the Humanities.

What are the Humanities?

The Humanities are a constellation of disciplines that bring unique approaches to the same fundamental concern: how human beings try to make sense of themselves and their worlds. Students who choose to major or minor in Humanities at MSU Texas will thus develop a broad and deep literacy in humanistic studies—including literature, religion, classics, philosophy, history, and the fine arts. The Humanities Program at MSU Texas is a small, dynamic program that combines traditional education in arts and literature with a contemporary study of human thought, culture, and artistic expression. Not only will students utilize this breadth to comprehend widely diverse cultural expressions that extend throughout history and across nations; they will also study how great books, global cultural practices, world religions, and the history of ideas altogether strengthen an understanding of contemporary social and political climates.

Who Studies the Humanities?

The Humanities Program at MSU Texas takes an interdisciplinary approach to major philosophical, cultural, religious, and artistic questions about human beings as a “meaning-making” species. Because Humanities programming focuses intensively on textual interpretation and cultural analysis, students learn the relationships between ideas, artistic expression, and life while also preparing them to make informed contributions to a complex global community. A major or minor in Humanities is ideally suited for students pursuing careers that will require strong skills in reading, writing, analysis, and articulate communication of complex ideas. The Humanities major is designed to be either a stand-alone course of study or a complement to a second major. 

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