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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!

Bachelor of Arts - Liberal Studies at Arizona State University-Polytechnic: Tuition Fee: $31,200.00 USD / Year (Scholarship Available)

Enjoy the flexibility to tailor this degree to your passions and goals. Satisfy your wide ranging-interests while pursuing multidisciplinary learning relevant to a variety of careers.


The BA program in liberal studies helps to address student interests in a broad array of disciplines and subject matter. The program aims to give students the grounding to use knowledge as more successful thinkers, decision-makers and leaders. The liberal studies core classes are designed to: promote critical and creative thinking as students learn how to draw upon diverse disciplinary perspectives and modes of inquiry, help advance communication skills, and support professional career development.

Students majoring in liberal studies have become part of an international movement in higher education. This movement has proven empowering to people who are given the flexibility to explore multiple interests or approach a particular interest from various perspectives. Students are not alone in their chosen path. In fact, this program is just one of hundreds of similar programs offered in colleges and universities across the nation.

The program shares with all other liberal arts and science degrees the goal of developing analytical and communicative abilities. The liberal studies degree is transdisciplinary, providing students a thematic approach to education.

Liberal studies graduates are prepared to enter the workforce or pursue graduate or professional studies.

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