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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!

Bachelor of Science - Engineering - Chemical Engineering - Pharmaceuticals At University of Iowa Tuition Fee: $31,096.00 USD / Year (Scholarship Available)

Chemical engineering involves the industrial application of chemicals to new inventions or to improve the world. Chemical engineers use microbes to produce pharmaceuticals and chemicals, develop new sources of energy, create artificial organs, and design the next generation of polymers.

Chemical and biochemical engineers combine engineering principles with knowledge of mathematics, chemistry, biological sciences, and physics to develop and operate processes that convert raw materials into products that benefit the global community.

Chemical and biochemical engineers learn ethical design and a respect for the larger issues in any design, such as community health, employee safety, and global implications of the design. Iowa's curriculum emphasizes chemical process safety and environmentally conscious chemical engineering design. 

Chemical and biochemical engineering is central to the design, formulation, and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. Students who are passionate about medical applications can align their chemical engineering skills toward a career in pharmaceuticals by choosing this EFA. The curriculum features biology, drug delivery, and the mechanisms and chemistry of drug interactions. Course options span many departments besides chemical and biochemical engineering, including biomedical engineering, biochemistry, pharmacy, and pharmacology.

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