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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!

Bachelor of Science (Honours) - Applied Artificial Intelligence (I400) at University of Bradford, Tuition Fee: £20,118.00 GBP / Year (Scholarship Available)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) touches our lives every day. From the viewing recommendations on Netflix to the content in our social media feeds; it's all controlled by AI. We have technologies that can recognise and classify images, chatbots that can converse in multiple languages, and systems that can diagnose diseases faster and, in some cases, more accurately than human doctors.

Employers across the technology, healthcare, finance, transport, and security industries are desperate for skilled AI graduates, to help them gain a competitive edge through the use of this fast-emerging technology.

This pioneering BSc Applied Artificial Intelligence programme recognises the need for skilled AI professionals; the course is built around current and predicted industry requirements. It explores the complexities and potential for AI technologies and teaches the knowledge and skills needed to create innovative solutions.

In the first year, students will work in teams to develop a number of different AI solutions. They will build a biometric recognition system (e.g: face or fingerprint recognition), a user profiling system (making recommendations to users or identifying potential fraud based on user data) and a system to analyse real-time data (e.g: real-time traffic information).

The second year will allow students to work in a specialised area, which could include the design of healthcare diagnostic systems, the analysis of company credit card ratings, or the development of a virtual healthcare assistant.

In the final year, students will work with an industry client and gain experience of developing cutting-edge AI solutions to solve real-life problems.

The course will appeal to students with an interest in one or more of the following: computing, technology, engineering, mathematics, science, and design.

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