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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!

Bachelor of Science (Honours) - Mathematical and Statistical Sciences (ES) at Western University : Tuition Fee: $33,526.00 CAD / Year (Scholarship Available)

Often known as ‘The Queen of the Sciences’, Mathematics is the discipline of pure abstract thought. A degree in Mathematics allows students to grapple with questions like how can space be curved or what is the best way to pack 26-dimensional spheres together? A profound background in mathematics is fundamental to the practical field of cryptography and provides deep training for any profession in which logical thinking is at a premium.

Acquiring expertise in statistical methods positions our students to pursue careers in engineering, politics, financial management, insurance, marketing, medicine and social science. Future actuaries will apply their knowledge of mathematics, probability, and statistics to financial problems in the insurance, pensions, and employee benefits fields. Financial modelling graduates are primed to succeed in the pricing and hedging of portfolios of stocks, bonds, and their derivative securities as well as in the analysis and quantification of financial risk in large financial institutions.

NOTE: Please note the English scores listed are minimum requirements. Meeting the minimums does not guarantee admission. Students with low English scores may be admitted to the English BOOST Program, a 9 week training program for conditional admission to their chosen program.
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