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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!

Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Psychology at Beykoz University: $3,600/year (Scholarship Available)

At the Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Psychology, it is aimed to provide students with a curriculum that teaches basic theories, research methods and practices in the context of different sub-branches of psychology. All courses in the program are selected and prepared by faculty members who are experts in their fields.

Our undergraduate program consists of 7 half-year courses and 1 half-year workplace practice. In addition to providing basic information about psychology in the first year, it is aimed to provide students with a multi-disciplinary perspective through courses such as philosophy and sociology.

With the courses to be offered in the second year, students will have knowledge about basic psychological processes and their functioning. Our main goal is to have students acquire the necessary equipment to conduct scientific research and analyze the studies in the field of psychology with scientific methods with the statistical lesson throughout the year.

In the third year, students will take courses such as research methods, clinical psychology, business and organizational psychology, and will be trained in the context of different sub-branches of psychology. Thanks to elective courses both in and outside the department, they will be able to choose courses for career goals.

Students will have the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge they learned in the first 3 years in the business environment thanks to the mandatory workplace practice in the 7th academic period. In addition, thanks to the graduation project they will do throughout the year, they will get a research experience by preparing a study for the field they want to specialize in.

When our program graduates complete their 4-year education, they will be able to work in hospitals, mental health centers, private counseling institutions, schools, and human resources departments of different institutions with the title of psychologist. Our students who desire will continue their graduate programs and continue their careers with the title of Specialist Psychologist in their fields.

Beykoz University offers various opportunities to its students to benefit from planning their careers during their education and in their future lives.

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