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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!

Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Visual Communication Design at Yeditepe University: $10,500/year (Scholarship Available)

Visual communication design is an innovative work field of the 21st Century that requires evaluating every event as a communication process, adapting any multimedia situation, and combining the fields of communication, media, art, and technology. In its most basic definition; visual communication design is merging design and technology in order to communicate; it involves using creative and theoretical thinking methods to produce a visual language which connects with the desired segment or consumer. Every single one of the visual products within that enormous division of language are designed with a function, and therefore a purpose.

Visual communication designer connects his/her design knowledge and ability, aesthetical sense, and critical thinking philosophy on digital environment when needed with animated visuals, sound gadgets, and 3 dimensional applications. Visual communication designer must commune with the technology. Besides that, visual communication designer is a communication specialist who understands targeted consumer group and think strategically with that understanding. Designer must produce strategical solutions in order to create competitive and sustainable products within the global market.

Department of Visual Communication Design in Yeditepe University’s Faculty of Communication has met the ever rising need for visual communication designers since its establishment in 2001. The department trains communication designers who can create strong communication strategies and turn knowledge into creative design products.

Yeditepe University Department of Visual Communication Design has a curriculum comprising 3 dimensional animation, interactive design, video making amongst others. Its competence to generate working field situations within that curriculum gives students experience around different branches of visual communication design, and also allows students to pick a suitable branch for them to master via projects and studio works.

“Fall Meetings in Design”, “Spring Meetings in Design”, various seminars and workshops, “End Year Student Exhibition” which changes theme in every year, and projects carried out by the agency of the department “Atelier Root” grants students much needed experience and competence for the professional life.

We; as the department, are proud of our former students who works successfully in the top firms within local and global fields, and we are eager to see you within our ranks.

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