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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!

International Direct - Bachelor of Science - Biochemistry at University of Massachusetts Boston: Tuition Fee: $34,648.00 USD / Year(Scholarship Available)

International direct admission is for international students with advanced English-language skills. It focuses on academic, cultural, and professional growth so students can excel in school—and prepare for a successful future.




International direct students receive:

  • Exclusive and rigorous academic coursework
  • Priority access to in-demand courses that fit their interests
  • Guidance from academic advisors and mentors
  • Career development and networking opportunities
  • Intensive classes with domestic students

The Biochemistry Program offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry. The Biochemistry Major also provides students with a vehicle to engage in, and complete, an independent research project within a biochemistry-related laboratory from the Departments of Biology or Chemistry. The contributing faculty is a large, diverse group of investigators whose research programs utilize biochemical techniques and approaches. Additionally, faculty from other science departments at UMass Boston may be chosen as a mentor if performing biochemical research. The research faculty cover a diverse array of interests that includes genetic regulation and expression, green chemistry, medicinal chemistry, protein dynamics, plant biology, immunology, x-ray crystallography, enzymology, proteomics, endocrinology, protein trafficking, photosynthesis, cell cycle, yeast genetics, Drosophila genetics, plant genetics, developmental biology, microbiology, environmental microbiology, remediation biology, acid rain biochemistry, protein chemistry, bioinformatics, neurobiology, toxicology, etc.

The biochemistry major at the University of Massachusetts Boston is jointly administered by the departments of biology and chemistry.

The curriculum generally follows the recommendations of the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB). This is a rigorous and well-rounded program of study designed to accommodate the needs of a broad spectrum of students seeking a terminal or non-terminal bachelor of science degree in biochemistry.

Students completing a degree in biochemistry will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of chemistry and biology with emphasis on organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, genetics and cell and molecular biology.
  • Gain a deep appreciation of the theory and laboratory practices in modern biochemistry and a solid understanding of the interaction among metabolic pathways from a systems biology perspective.
  • Learn and apply the principles of scientific ethics with regard to the use of sources, generating and reporting of data, and collaboration with colleagues.
  • Develop an understanding of environmental responsibility.
  • Upon graduation, be prepared to practice as a professional biochemist, whether in further study or in the workforce.
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