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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!

Master of Arts – Interaction Design (Thesis) at Yeditepe University: Tuition: $5000 USD Full Program (Scholarship Available)



Interaction Design,

It is an interdisciplinary design field that brings together Graphic Design, Visual Communication Design, Industrial Design, Behavioral Psychology and Information Technologies.

Interaction Design Masters program, the first ever program in this field in Turkey, focuses on the way people interact with products.

User experience, product availability, social and cultural differences, and user behavior and psychology are the main areas of investigation.

In the courses within the scope of the Master's Program, user-computer interaction, the elements that determine the user experience, the elements that make up the interaction design are systematically examined and examined in every aspect, and theses, works or projects are created, and presentations are made on selected topics.

During the Master's program, students are trained in research, analysis, prototype development and design concept creation in a commercial, social and cultural context.

The purpose of the program,

To train qualified personnel who can meet the needs of the industry and design user-oriented interaction forms for current and emerging technologies.

Interaction Designers,

It designs the relationship between the user and the system in all products and services where interaction is concerned, especially computers and mobile devices.
They make the existing interaction solution more useful, understandable and available.

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