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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!

Master of Science - Management Information Systems (Non-Thesis) at Isik University: Tuition: $8,000 USD Entire Program (Scholarship Available)

Course Code Course name Credit
IT 512 Internet Programming Techniques (Internet Programming) (3+0+0)3
Introduction to the Internet and its applications, Use of programming languages ​​for the next generation web in accordance with multi-layered and distributed architecture; Web servers (IIS, Apache), current front-end and back-end programming languages ​​dynamic HTML, Javascript, PHP, MySQL. Term projects.
IT 520 Database Management Systems (Database Management Systems) (3+0+0)3
Fundamentals of relational databases. Object-relation modeling. Relational model. Data description and query languages. Normal forms and database design. Physical design and access strategies. Data layout plans, buffer systems, file management, indexing techniques, query processing methodologies, development of relational operations, external sorting, query optimization. Transactional models, concurrency control algorithms, database recovery.
IT 531 Storage Preliminaries for Cloud Computing (3+0+0)3
Concepts in necessary data storage and management technologies. Direct-Attached Storage (DAS), Storage Area Network (SAN), Network Attached Storage (NAS), Internet Protocol Storage Area Network (IP-SAN), Content-Addressed Storage (CAS). Business continuity. Virtualization technologies. Data storage subsystems and underlying protocols.
MIS 505 Project Management for MIS (3+0+0) 3
Design of economic and efficiency-oriented resource allocation models. Establishment of information systems that create added value and cost awareness with the help of MIS techniques.
MIS 517 Principles of Management Information Systems (MIS) (3+0+0) 3
Detailed examination of basic topics such as computer algorithms, operating systems, computer architectures, artificial intelligence. Teaching hardware and software processes in order to benefit effectively from existing commercial products. Technology trends and boundaries, economics, standardization, intellectual property, government policies and industrial establishments. Focus on protocols, security systems and networking.
MIS 521 Systems Analysis and Design (3+0+0) 3
Introduction to system analysis and design. Detailed analysis of planning, analysis, design, implementation, system operation and support phases. Focus on structured analysis and object-oriented analysis.
MIS 522 Business Process Analysis (3+0+0) 3
Analysis of workflows between business departments and organizations.
MIS 523 Financial Analysis and Decision Making (3+0+0) 3
Concepts related to activity planning, control and management in manufacturing and service companies. Application of advanced analytical decision making techniques such as operational strategy, process selection decisions, production planning and control, capacity planning, quality management and linear programming, estimation and decision theory.
MIS 531 Business Intelligence (3+0+0) 3
Business intelligence applications as a support tool for managers and analysts. Systematic presentation of independent tools and technologies with a single software platform approach. Business strategy, performance management, data warehousing, business analytics and data visualization, data, text and network mining, content management, OLAP cubes and decision support systems.
MIS 532 Electronic Commerce (Electronic Commerce) (3+0+0) 3
Introduction to e-commerce. Electronic commerce technologies: client-side and server-side network programming. Database technologies. Internet Safety. Paying system. Electronic services. Network advertising and broadcasting. Establishing an e-commerce service.
MIS 534 Business Value of Software Development (3+0+0) 3
Top quality software development and software testing methods that will maximize business contribution value. Global software development management. Examining return on investment and total cost of ownership with agile methodologies such as Scrum and XP and traditional methods. Formulate comprehensive methodologies for measuring the costs and benefits of developing innovative software products. Complete business value comparison between traditional and agile methods.
MIS 535 Mobile and Ubiquitous Commerce (3+0+0) 3
The fundamentals of e-commerce, the intersection and transformation of high-end technology industries, and the integration of services from different industries, thanks to the infrastructure it provides. The effect of new generation mobile and smart devices on trade and their effective use, especially in the context of social networks. Fundamentals of commerce anytime – anywhere with supportive infrastructure and unique business applications. Environmental intelligence, contextual services, location-based advertising.
MIS 536 Information Technology Outsourcing (3+0+0) 3
Analysis of models and stages in outsourcing in information technologies. Managerial, operational and technical problems and approaches. Foreign business in information technologies, use of multiple resources. Methods and techniques. Relationship management and coordination issues. Agile methods and global software development. Analysis of competency and project context factors in outsourcing.
MIS 544 Leadership and Innovation in Information Technology Management (3+0+0) 3
Identifying, directing and organizing innovative people into high-tech teams. Demonstrating leadership and managing people with high technical capacity for project leaders and managers. Identifying talented, technically minded people, employing them for the right job, training and managing them with effective leadership methods.
MIS 545 Information Services Management in Multinational Organizations (3+0+0) 3
Up-to-date theoretical and practical information for IT managers responsible for IT services production. Theoretical and practical aspects of systems and service management for multinational and local organizations. Developing the business value of information systems and services in organizations. IT services organizations, management of key services, contributions of IT services to the company's business, customer service, IT services measurement, business continuity, COBIT, ITIL, change management, problem management, process development, outsourcing and IT services project management.
MIS 552 Online Social Networks (3+0+0) 3
Structures and dynamics of Online Social Networks (ESA). ESA analysis, measurement, presentation. ESA in terms of socio-cognitive, behavioral and design science. Social patterns and features in modeling ESA structures. Appropriate information architecture, open graph and database analysis. Innovative applications and cases in different fields.
MIS 580 Term Project (Term Project) non-credit
Non-thesis master's program Management Information Systems students to conduct an in-depth analysis of management information systems under the supervision of a faculty member.
MIS 581-589 Special Topics in Management Information Systems (3+0+0) 3
Study of issues in the field of management information systems.
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