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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
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What students say

I am Maham Shakoor, a student currently enrolled at Istanbul Bilgi University in the Faculty of social sciences, Psychology. Since a little child I always dreamt of going abroad, living independently and pursuing a degree of my interest, that I found out was psychology.

Choosing the right university, applying, being ready for rejections and finally getting in is a very intimidating process but I was lucky enough to be guided by RITE APPLY.

Moving to another country at a mere age of 19 looked very cool when I was younger but when it all happened it was a very confusing and emotional ride. However, coming to Turkey and joining Istanbul Bilgi University is the best decision I have made, with the best professors, multiple programs and life changing events, it’s all here and I am glad I chose this.

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Current Student

Istanbul Bilgi University

It was by fate that I came across RITEAPPLY soon after I got my acceptance from Sabancı University. One of my seniors, recommended them to me and after our first interaction, it only got better. Not only did they arrange a pre-Sabanci orientation for us students but the tips and advice we got were worthwhile. Personally, I’d suggest every student going to Turkey for studies to contact Tri-Star because having someone there at your back and call while you go through the extremely confusing university processes is very reassuring. A word of advice to anyone who plans on coming to Turkey in the near future: make sure to have your sauces and masalas with you otherwise, your palate might suffer ;)

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Current Student

Sabanci University