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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!


Founded in 1982, University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is located in the heart of Chicago, one of America’s most vibrant cities, famous for its iconic architecture, numerous museums and diverse economy. Chicago is a national higher education destination, where more than a quarter-million students study at the city’s 50+ colleges and universities. It is also a living laboratory for business, politics, art, architecture, culture, religion, racial and ethnic diversity, urban issues, education and health. It is local and global, urban and green, relaxed and frenetic, cultured and down to earth, big and easy to navigate - full of opportunities for new, enriching experiences.

UIC’s proximity to Chicago’s business center and urban healthcare district (the largest in the nation) gives UIC students an edge when it comes to finding internships and work experiences. Local employers include Google, Boeing, Deloitte, Groupon, Argonne National Labs, Accenture, WGN News, National Public Radio, Steppenwolf Theatre and more. UIC embraces its urban location, with a focus on engaging students in the metropolitan, social and health issues that face Chicago and cities around the world.

As the largest university in Chicago and the only public research university in the city, UIC is a great place to call home for the next few years. It offers more than 70 undergraduate degrees in many fields including architecture, the arts, design, education, engineering, health sciences, liberal arts, life sciences and urban and public affairs. These programs will challenge and inspire students, and may even change the direction of their lives. 

UIC maintains the Hull-House Museum where Jane Addams - the first American woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize - founded a settlement house in 1889 to help immigrants adapt to American life. Addams’ commitment to social reform is integral to UIC’s mission today.

Why the University of Illinois at Chicago

  • Academic Support: For international students, the move from high school in their home country to a university in the United States can be challenging - a new language, new ways of learning and a new home. UIC Global eases this transition by combining coursework with additional academic support, instruction and cultural experiences. Together, these facets of students' first-year experience combine to create a learning-centered environment that promotes academic success, active involvement in campus life and community engagement.
  • Small Class Sizes: Students always benefit when they get to know their professors. In classes with a smaller student-to-faculty ratio, individual attention provides the opportunity to establish lasting connections with their professors. Asking questions, expressing opinions and engaging in open discussions with professors and classmates are strongly encouraged and promote a higher level of learning.
  • Career Preparation: Connecting students to nearly 1,000 internships each year, UIC's professional development program, Career Accelerator, is designed to help students build a successful career and establish the global network you need to succeed in your specific industry. Through the Career Accelerator, students will develop their professional skills and gain a strong understanding of how their knowledge, interests, motivations and personal experiences gives them a unique advantage in today’s competitive job market.
  • Higher Average of Salary for UIC Graduates: The job market in the city of Chicago continues to grow. In the past seven years, the total number of private-sector, unemployment-insurance-covered jobs in Chicago grew by nearly 17 percent. The total number of jobs in the downtown area alone increased by nearly a quarter, according to the Illinois Department of Employment Security. Best of all, students at UIC are benefiting from this historic growth spurt. UIC graduates earn nearly 50 percent more than the average U.S. salary for students who have attended college.
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