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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!


A top-ranked institution, Baylor University is globally renowned for academic excellence. It's welcoming campus is home to a select community of high achievers. Together, the students form a powerful school spirit, based on the Christian faith and shared values.

Studying internationally at Baylor University allows students to contribute to world-class research that will impress future employers. Students will receive individual attention to help them excel in classes and will be part of a diverse community united by a strong sense of belonging as one of the Baylor Bears.

Why Baylor University

Baylor University educates individuals for worldwide leadership and service by integrating academic excellence and Christian commitment within a caring community.

  • Top-tier academicsBaylor offers students a growing academic enterprise that ignites educational excellence, leadership, and research discovery. With dedicated professors and a commitment to Christian values, students are provided with the tools to lead, serve, and succeed in their future.
  • Christian commitment: Baylor celebrates a distinctive place in higher education - where research, scholarship, and faith guide the mind in understanding the complex diversity of God's creation and prepare the whole person for service and leadership.
  • Caring communityA lot is expected from Baylor students, and the University is eager to provide the support and encouragement they need to reach their potential and make their Baylor experience one to remember. Whether it's adjusting to college life, dealing with personal challenges, or seeking out support to meet increased academic standards, Baylor wants its students to know they do not walk this exciting journey alone.
  • Athletic excellenceOver the last decade, Baylor Athletics has dedicated its energy to providing state-of-the-art athletic facilities to meet the needs of the players, coaches, and Baylor fans.
  • ResearchAs part of the international community of scholars, Baylor University serves the world through research discoveries and creative endeavors that illuminate solutions to significant challenges confronting the world. Baylor institution's Christian foundation offers distinctive insights into issues such as social responsibility, health care, economic growth, human rights, poverty, diversity, sustainability, and the understanding of identity as human beings within the created order. Discover Baylor Research, and how individuals are impacting the world today.
  • Called to excellenceSome find their calling at the cutting edge of scientific discovery. Others, in ministry in the remotest parts of the world. Some are called to leadership in law, engineering, the arts, or medicine. Others to service in their community. At Baylor, finding one’s calling is all part of the journey. A journey that transcends the classroom to transform lives.
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