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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!


Mount Allison University is a primarily undergraduate Canadian liberal arts and science university situated in Sackville, New Brunswick. It has been ranked number-one in the country for 21 of the last 29 years by Maclean's magazine (in the category of "primarily undergraduate" universities) and given top ratings in Maclean's annual alumni survey. With a 16:1 student-to-faculty ratio, the average first-year class size is 41 and upper-year classes average 14 students. These small class sizes allow students the space to collaborate, confidence to ask questions, the freedom to share ideas and the opportunity to have meaningful interactions with their professors both inside and outside the classroom.  

Mount Allison's approach to liberal arts and sciences allows students to gain a broad knowledge base through learning across disciplines while developing a deeper knowledge of specific academic disciplines through advanced study in their chosen major and minor.  Students have interdisciplinary opportunities in every degree and program allowing them the flexibility to combine their interests to meet their unique career goals.  

Why Mount Allison University

  • Reputation: Students can expect a high-quality education from Mount Allison University. A prestigious Canadian institution with a long history, they have an excellent record of producing internationally renowned Rhodes Scholars — one of the oldest and most prestigious scholarships in the world. With an internationally recognized undergraduate degree from Mount Allison, students will be equipped to continue to successful careers and graduate studies in Canada and internationally.
  • Engaging Community: Mount Allison's close-knit and engaging community extends across campus and beyond. Students quickly discover the endless opportunities to get highly involved in extracurriculars on and off campus and say these are some of the most valuable learning experiences of their time at Mount Allison.
  • Teaching Excellence: Faculty have come to Mount Allison from all over the world to focus on teaching while actively pursuing their research. Students will be mentored, taught, challenged and encouraged by accomplished leaders in their field. 
  • Internships: Mount Allison University offers a variety of Internship opportunities for its students. See the Internships page for details.
  • Campus Life: Mount Allison University is located on Canada's East Coast in picturesque Sackville, New Brunswick. Downtown features great dining options with cafes, pubs, diners, and restaurants, live music, a retro theatre, locally-owned boutiques, farmer's market, and galleries. Whether coming there from a small town or a big city, students will soon fall in love with living in the ideal university town. In Sackville, students will connect with people and with nature and enjoy always being just a short walk away. The opportunities to get involved in this engaging community, and the undeniable beauty of this place will become part of who they are and help students figure out who they want to be.
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