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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!


Since its founding, Özyeğin University has embraced the mission of third generation universities led by top notch universities such as MIT and Cambridge. With this mission, Özyeğin University opened its doors as an “entrepreneurial research university”. Today, Özyeğin University is forging ahead with unwavering commitment to “developing value-added projects at the service of society.” To achieve this goal, the OzU faculty has been relentlessly developing new projects that have a potential for commercialization, in addition to rigorously conducting research studies and publishing articles in international journals.

Özyeğin University was established with the mission of serving society as an entrepreneurial and research-focused learning center, which is integrated with modern life. In line with this mission, Özyeğin University offers an innovative education model that adds value to students to prepare them as entrepreneurial and resourceful graduates vested with an in-depth knowledge about the rising professions, a good command of at least one foreign language, highly developed skills in information and communication technologies, and a sheer talent in putting their knowledge into practice. Özyeğin University endeavors to instill in students the passion and dedication to make a difference both for their employers and their community by capitalizing on the skills, competencies, and experiences they acquire both in academia and in the real world. OzU cultivates not only “professionals” but also “entrepreneurs”.

Özyeğin University believes that all students, no matter what their circumstances might be, must have access to high quality education. 88 percent of all of the undergraduate students at Özyeğin University hold scholarships. The University currently has 6 faculties, 3 graduate schools, and 2 vocational schools, offering a total of 23 undergraduate, 18 master’s degree, and 10 doctoral degree programs. Özyeğin University prepares its students for life on its Çekmeköy Campus spanning 283 thousand sqm area of land

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