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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!


Strategically located in Murcia, Spain, with a Campus of more than 16,000 students and around 1,000 professors, we are expanding worldwide to make one of our main objectives a reality: to promote a high-quality university education, with a representative presence in all continents. UCAM has a friendly and international environment in a wonderful Mediterranean framework.

The international vocation of Universidad Católica leads us to collaborate with universities from all corners of the planet, at every educational level: research, students and professors exchange and create international undergraduate and master´s programs in all specialities.

At UCAM, you will experience the dynamism and enthusiasm of the university community, top teaching technical equipment, the lovely surroundings of Jerónimos Monastery, or the sports culture with twenty-one elite teams competing at the top level.

The major aims of the Catholic University San Antonio in the development of its activity are:

  • Teaching higher education as a vehicle of science, technology, culture and Faith of the Catholic Church, and as a training method for researchers and preparation of professionals who can help in the development of the individual, family, and society.
  • Contributing to the cultural, social and economic development of society and to the creation of conditions to improve the quality of life and the environment, by developing the skills of the students as individuals and members of a society to which they must serve.
  • Ensuring, institutionally, the Christian presence in the academic world, in every historical moment of society and culture.
  • Protecting and promoting the social and individual values according to the Teaching Authority of the Catholic Church, in particular, respect for freedom, pluralism, and ideas, as well as the development of critical thinking and the constant search for Truth through research, conservation and communication of Sciences and Arts.
  • Continuous improvement of quality in all aspects.
  • Updating its qualifications, teaching and non-teaching services in order to meet external customers and students’ expectations and needs, ensuring a promising future.
  • Promoting relationships with other universities and companies to provide students with professional opportunities, specializations and research in a borderless world.
  • Promoting integral education.
  • Providing personalized teaching, encouraging personal autonomy, teamwork and the direct relationship between professor and student.
  • Increasing employment orientation.
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