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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - French Studies (EA) at Western University : Tuition Fee: $33,526.00 CAD / Year (Scholarship Available)

Every year first and second year students are faced with the challenge of deciding in which direction to pursue their studies in French. The following are brief descriptions of what Literature and Linguistics are and what they can do for students in the future. 

Literature is not just imaginative fiction; it is a rich fund of knowledge about the real world. Through literature we learn about the historical, social, intellectual and moral forces which have shaped humanity. Literature is also a powerful agent in the world: it proposes criticism, solutions and alternatives to reality and to our place in it.  It changes each reader who encounters diverse, sometimes troubling worlds.

As with all forms of art; literature provides both enjoyment and beauty, but also difficult challenges.  Like all art, literature is also a technique to be understood through the study of style and theories about how words and texts can be viewed as systems that constitute cultural identity, be it social, intellectual or linguistic.

Knowledge of literature is an invaluable social skill which contributes to one’s ability to understand and influence people; to speak and express oneself in a coherent and effective way; to adapt one’s written and oral expression to different people and different contexts, with respect and understanding.

Linguistics, the scientific study of the language, enhances students' academic program with critical and analytical skills while contributing to students' better understanding of human language (French, English and others), not simply from a grammatical or spoken perspective but also from a scientific approach.

Phonetics and phonology (the study of the distinctive sounds of French) provide an understanding of the mechanics of tone, accentuation and articulation that can enhance their own pronunciation of French and other languages.  The study of syntax (word order and sentence structure) will help students to understand both what French has in common with other languages and what makes it unique.  The study of morphology (the forms and functions of words) and semantics (word and sentence meanings) will complement students' understanding of French and how it is related and yet different from other languages.

NOTE: Please note the English scores listed are minimum requirements. Meeting the minimums does not guarantee admission. Students with low English scores may be admitted to the English BOOST Program, a 9 week training program for conditional admission to their chosen program.
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