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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - Languages, Literatures and Cultures - Upper Year Entry (QAQ) at Queen’s University : Tuition Fee: $50,926.00 CAD / Year (Scholarship Available)

This path is for upper-year applicants: for those who are completing their first year at another university, or have completed or are close to completing a diploma program at a community college, and are interested in transferring to Queen’s University.

The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures is a multidisciplinary unit that offers students the opportunity to learn languages, develop an understanding of literary and cultural traditions, and pursue studies in the field of Linguistics. A degree focusing on languages, literatures and cultures, or Linguistics provides students with valuable transferable skills that are increasingly important in our global world.  

The new major will equip students with an understanding and awareness of cultural diversity in their own culture, as well as some knowledge of different cultural practices and worldviews. Students will be introduced to two languages, in which they will either become proficient at the intermediate level (200-level) in both languages, or proficient in one language at the advanced level (300-level) and in the other language at the introductory level (100-level). They will in addition takes courses from a variety of multi-, cross-, and inter-disciplinary topics.

Students have various options to study in target-language-speaking countries. The international experience enables students to improve their language acquisition skills, explore and live the cultural experience, and return to Queen’s to share their new knowledge with their classmates.

This Major will provide students with a practical and theoretical training in intercultural awareness and sensitivity. These capacities have obvious importance in the light of both the multicultural nature of Canadian society and the global scope of so many professions. The Major will combine the general strengths of liberal arts degrees with this specific new advantage that will qualify students for success in our contemporary society and globalized economy.

Note: Students in this program are eligible for the Queen’s Undergraduate Internship Program (QUIP) which provides 2nd or 3rd year students with a 12-16 month work experience. The internship normally occurs following the student’s third year of study, after which the student completes the final year of the honours degree. The internships are paid, professionally supervised, career-related positions offering students the opportunity to learn about current advances, practices, and technologies in business and industry. 

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