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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) or Bachelor of Science (Honours) - Geographic Information Science (EO) at Western University : Tuition Fee: $33,526.00 CAD / Year (Scholarship Available)

Geography is a broad discipline that adopts an integrative approach to examine our environment from both social and natural science perspectives. Geographers work and express their work in a spatial often using modern mapping and analytical tools like satellite navigation and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Western University's programs provide students with diverse options for education in both the social and physical science of geography, as well as training in techniques such as GIS and remote sensing.

Students can pursue their interest in geography by working towards either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelo of Science (BSc) degree. This integrative perspective prepares Western geographers for employment in a wide range of occupations and advanced studies. The Urban Development program offers an intensive yet balanced education on the nature of urbanism, the processes affecting urban growth, and the methods and techniques used to analyze urban markets, land use and urbanization.

Geographic information science studies spatial data and advances methods for their production, computational analysis, visualization, and theorization across a number of application domains in both human and physical environments, including cities, wildlands and protected areas, marine environments, forests, and hydrological systems.

GIScience methodologies represent a set of approaches for asking and answering geographical questions in ways that emphasize relationships between digitally encoded spatial phenomena (for example, relationships between urban inequality and disease incidence), processes (for instance, the effects of the urban built environment on surface temperatures), patterns (such as tracking the movement of wildlife), and modelling different scenarios in data intensive environments (including flows of resources across networks, such as a public transit system or a river). GIScience research encompasses remote sensing, geographic information systems, geovisualization and digital mapping, geocomputation, spatial and spatial-temporal analysis, and the myriad societal implications of participating technologies and attendant praxes.



NOTE: Please note the English scores listed are minimum requirements. Meeting the minimums does not guarantee admission. Students with low English scores may be admitted to the English BOOST Program, a 9 week training program for conditional admission to their chosen program.
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