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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!

Bachelor of Arts - Psychology at midwestern state university Tuition:$13,920.00 USD / Year (Scholarship available)

Midwestern State University (MSU Texas) offers a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

MSU Texas students are able to obtain either a Bachelor's of Arts (BA) or Bachelor's of Science (BS) in Psychology. The psychology course requirements for each degree is identical; however, each degree is associated with requirements specific to the overall degree. BA degrees emphasize humanities and world cultures whereas BS degrees place a greater emphasis on the "hard" sciences. Degree plans for both the BA and the BS degree are available on this page's menu. Employers and graduate schools typically regard each degree equally.


Students intending to obtain a BA/BS in Psychology will start with the Pre-psychology designation. While completing the pre-psychology curricular requirements, students will be advised by Dottie Westbrook to ensure progress both within the major and towards the academic core.

Psychology Major

Once students have completed the pre-psychology requirements, they are transitioned to the psychology major.  Students may complete either a Bachelor’s of Arts degree or a Bachelor’s of Science degree.  There is no difference between the two degrees in terms of the required psychology coursework.  For differences between the course requirements associated with the BA and BS degrees, see the Undergraduate Catalog.

At this point, students are assigned one of the core faculty as an academic advisor.  Faculty advisors provide career counseling within the discipline, in addition to ensuring that students are making appropriate progress towards their degree.  These advisors become a strong advocate for their students, often writing letters of recommendation or serving as references for students after graduation.

Careers in psychology are many and varied, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that opportunities in psychology will continue to grow over the next decade. "Employment will grow fastest in outpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment clinics. Numerous job opportunities will also arise in schools, public and private social service agencies, and management consulting services."

Here are just a few of the careers that graduates with bachelors degrees in Psychology are prepared to embark upon:

  • Career planning and placement counselor
  • Social services eligibility worker
  • Housing and student life coordinator
  • Social work assistant
  • Special programs teacher
  • College admissions officer
  • Customer service representative
  • Employee relations assistant
  • Human recourses recruiter
  • Human resources training specialist
  • Survey and polling assistant
  • Market research assistant
  • Statistical analyst
  • Alumni affairs coordinator
  • Mental health outreach worker
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Criminal justice worker

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