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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!

Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Advertising at Kadir Has University: $12,000/year (Scholarship Available)

In the beginning, there were very sharp lines separating specialized roles in advertising. For instance, account management rarely got together with the creative department. Copywriters did not even sit together with art directors: they would write the slogan and send it to the art director via assistants called traffickers. In the 90s, with developments in the concept of brands, brand teams were established. Departments associated with the same brand started working side by side. Consequently, it was expected that account executives would identify a good ad and copywriters would decipher research results like an account planner. As specializations got closer, the sharp lines between areas of advertising got softer. Advertisers who develop awareness and gain knowledge in areas other than advertising started to become more successful. In the 2000s, new digital channels and communication dynamics created by the technological revolution changed the advertising industry. Instead of art directors who only create visual ideas, those who follow technological developments and offer creative solutions for digital platforms were preferred.

Account directors who could manage digital projects and effectively utilize digital channels together with traditional channels were more successful in their careers than those who only managed account relations. In short, it’s the time of the “Complete ADman” who knows advertising from A to Z, who is educated in all areas of advertising; a multi-dimensional thinker who can create multi-purpose solutions, and  develop a professional relationship with those in other areas even though they are specialized in one. It’s the time of the new generation of advertisers.

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