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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!

Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Business Administration at Istanbul Medipol University: Tuition Fee: $ 4,400/year (After Scholarship)

The Department of Business will prepare you for the journey into the realm of modern business with a superior program. Industrial collaborations, distinguished academic researches and studies at international level in our department, spark a growing attention in the industry and contribute to the reputation of our school. 

We provide information which is required by the business world, and serve our students with interdisciplinary perspective, analytical thinking skills and creative high innovative ideas. Our students closely track industrial developments in advanced economies and are capable of demonstrating talents in competitive culture. Our major goal is to prepare our students with high skills and talents required by competitive business environment. To achieve this goal, we are developing ways to transfer skills and talents from the executives of pioneering industries to our students in the field. As the candidates of executive managers in the future, our students are expected to have high managerial skills and theoretical competencies throughout departmental curriculum. The Department of Business is one of the most diverse departments at our school with its promising and well-designed academic services and facilities. When studying with our department you benefit also from outstanding opportunities of Istanbul and amazing social life. 

Our department sets its vision to shape modern business world. The masterpiece of an academic commitment prepares our students to have a profound impact on the way competitive business made. Business as a four-year Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree provides you the executive conceptual skills, talents and connections for prominent positions at global companies. Our top class business program challenges you to be ready for international business competition and encourages you change the industry, or teams you work in. 

Our school specializes in developing students’ managerial abilities and conceptual talents by transferring skills from top class managers in pioneering industries. We believe that our school creates innovative ideas for our students and enables them to adopt challenging business environment with competitive skills and talents. From the first days, your time at school is a perfect experience in your life and you will have an outstanding opportunity to meet global students and world class scholars. We ensure that you will be at classy venue which provides you with a comprehensive education to find a best suited job upon graduation. Our major strategy is to bring advanced techniques in teaching and skill transfers from industry together for our global students. 

International conferences, sectoral partnerships, industrial collaborations, and TÜBİTAK-based ongoing projects in our Technology Transfer Office increase the career opportunities in the market driven society. Following the transfer of skills in the field, through unique academic techniques and enhanced field applications you will gain modern means of strategies, tactical and operational requirements of competitive business world. 

Economic role of Emerging Markets are increasing globally with new career opportunities. Istanbul is the center of attention for international investors and global enterprises. Based on its geostrategic position, Istanbul becomes a capital for many multinational firms with a broad base of business knowledge and career opportunities. Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Logistics, Trade, Human Resources Management, International Trade, Insurance and Banking are some major career fields for which we help our students specialize in. Our students with this acquired skills, will have career opportunities at national and international level of all kinds of manufacturing and foreign trade companies, banks, private financial institutions, factoring, leasing, international logistics firms in the relevant sections. Our diploma with the internationally accredited curriculum and training program will be valid in the European Union and provides you the opportunity to work overseas. Moreover, successful students with high research passions are encouraged about their academic careers. 

Designing competitive strategies, developing tactics to penetrate the right markets, determining financial strategies, developing creditor relations, managing public offering process are some good examples of managerial abilities and talents provided in our curriculum. You can obtain these talents in department. 

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