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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!

Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Logistics Management at Beykoz University: $3,600/year (Scholarship Available)

According to the definition of CLM (Council of Logistics Management) logistics “Is the method of effectively planning, storing and controlling the movement of all kinds of products, services and information flows from the starting point of the raw material to the last point where the product is consumed.” Logistics covers all activities in different fields and requires the related departments to create synergies in cooperation. The main fields of activity of logistics management are; marketing and marketing strategy, market strategy and product design, production planning, material management, inventory management, storage and material handling, distribution, warehouse and warehouse management, transportation, customs and insurance services, purchasing, customer service and technical support.

Supply chain management is focused on all customer, material and information interactions from suppliers’ suppliers to customers' customers. In terms of business management, logistics is a process that aims to plan all activities within the supply chain, from raw material procurement to the production environment, from the completion of the production process of the final product to the distribution channels and to the customer.

In the globalization process in which we live, it is seen that real competition is experienced among the Supply Chains in the rapidly changing world of trade. Complex information technologies, the introduction of business processes into new structures and alternative solutions that they bring forward bring new problems to companies. In local and national markets, which are changing rapidly, time and costs are two of the most important competitive factors.

Increasing global competition requires that the logistics and supply chain managers of the future be equipped with modern knowledge, open to innovation and entrepreneurial individuals. The purpose of opening the Logistics Management degree program is; thanks to a modern logistics management education program, which has been prepared by taking into consideration the changing economic and market conditions in the national and international fields and the new needs brought about by these conditions;; to train qualified logistics managers of the future who are aware of the ethical, social and legal responsibilities of an enterprise, investigative, open to innovations, equipped with modern management information.

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