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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!

Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Mathematics at Yeditepe University: $10,500/year (Scholarship Available)

Mathematics is a self-consistent, contradiction free axioms based study area of the mind in which absolutely true inferences are drawn using logic. When axioms and physical reality coincide we witness the use of applied mathematics which is a practice of mathematics in social and other branches of science. From this respect mathematics is a foundation and an indispensable tool for modern sciences and technology. There are many professionals today who need considerable amount of mathematical knowledge and experience in their professions other than mathematicians. Financial theorists, Economists, Engineers, Physicists, some Biologists, Chemists, Pharmacists etc can be counted in this group.

With an education concentrated on Algebra, Geometry and Analysis, Mathematics Undergraduate Program aims to provide a solid foundation in Mathematics for its students in addition to prepare the ones who wish to continue to PhD programs. It is recommended to talented students who like Mathematics to choose their elective courses mostly among the math courses so that they can join research and educational activities of the universities.  As our country has new and young universities there are more job opportunities in this area.

Our department is encouraging and supportive of our students who wish to complete one or two semester of their education in the universities abroad via Erasmus or some other Exchange Student Program. Currently in our department foreign students who came with student exchange programs are also enrolled.

To be able to acquire a job with a bachelor degree in Mathematics only, it may be necessary to have some education in applied mathematics and/or computer sciences. It is possible for the students who are interested in Statistics, Computer Sciences, Management, Economics, Administrative Sciences, Actuarial Sciences, Software or System Engineering to choose their elective courses from these areas or to enroll double major or minor programs offered by these departments. It is considered very well founded and ideal for the students who want to find a job in the areas listed above to obtain a masters degree from one of these departments in addition to their degrees in Mathematics.

It has been observed that more than a quarter of our graduates including the ones who are currently working in foreign countries established their careers after obtaining a masters degree (in Education, Finance, Mathematics etc) on top of their undergraduate degrees in Mathematics. Also  it's been seen that as much as a quarter of our graduates found jobs in Education industry in which they get to use their knowledge in mathematics directly. Finally it has been recorded that more than one third of our graduates obtained jobs in private sectors or abroad. 

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