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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!

Bachelors of Science (BSc) in City & Regional Planning at TED University: $9,000/year (Scholarship Available)

TEDU Department of Urban and Regional Planning offers a multidisciplinary approach to the regional and urban design and planning practices. Producing and re-producing the streets, neighborhoods, towns and districts to which people are entitled to maintain their own existence, are the bases of City and Regional Planning action to live and to organize space. TEDU City and Regional Planning education aims to develop problem identification and solving skills of students beyond mere space problems.

TEDU City and Regional Planning education is designed with the following bases:

  • Under the social and political conditions in Turkey where the urbanization continues rapidly and the reproduction of the existing structured areas of the city becomes even more important, the link between "whole and parts" constitutes the basis of the education program.
  • Whether it is the master plan or the structural plan, the city planners have to know how to control the part-whole relationship and how to shape the neighborhood.
  • Actors must learn to convince planners and compromise in a climate of conflict and alliances.
  • Even if it is difficult to identify, the concept of "public interest" should be examined and emphasized.
  • Specialization should always be a goal for planners. Planners must constantly differentiate in areas such as planning, design, spatial modelling, transportation modelling, infrastructure analysis, developing, geography, social theory, history, and housing. In this sense, planning has a very broad context.

 Unlike other city planning departments, TEDU Department of City and Regional Planning aims to guide its students to specialize in three basic areas. These are defined as "urban design", "urban engineering", and "social analysis of the city".

TEDU Department of City and Regional Planning offers a unique, free and academic research oriented education program to students in order to solve the real problems of the cities. In doing so, the department provides the students with the opportunity to follow current developments and technological advances, and aims to train young planners who are capable of thinking analytically, multidisciplinary and capable of observing the multidisciplinary aspects of modern urban systems.

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