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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!

Extended Accelerator - Bachelor of Science - Hospitality Management At University of South Carolina: Tuition Fee: $40,977.00 USD / Year(Scholarship Available)

Extended Accelerator Program (EAP) combines language, culture and academics to give students a deep understanding of life in and out of the American classroom and includes personalized English-language instruction and tutoring.


As a student in the Extended Accelerator, you’ll get:

  • A contextual curriculum that mixes language, culture and academics
  • Exclusive access to a course focusing on life in the U.S. and in the local community
  • A full year’s worth of college credits
  • Extensive English-language tutoring, academic advising and student support
  • Personalized English-language support specific to the classes you take

As a history major, through in-depth analysis of the evolution of social, economics, cultural-intellectual and political patterns and events, you’ll develop an understanding of and appreciation for the life and development of various cultures, institutions and civilizations. You will become an expert at answering the question “Who are we and how did we get here?” You will learn how to situate yourself in the long continuum of human experience and how to find meaning in the past.

The skills you develop as a history major will give you the capacity to make the voices, stories and events of the past come alive, and to give shape to the experiences and processes that have defined the interaction of humans with each other and with the world around them.

Our history department is a national leader in helping students adapt to the Digital Age and to the booming creative economy. It offers several transferable skills to its graduates, including:

  • Analyzing leadership decisions, styles, and consequences
  • Making decisions through systematic means and analysis
  • Developing alternative ideas and debating their merits
  • Managing both small and large long-term research projects
  • Time management
  • Making evidence-based arguments by conducting complex research, organizing massive amounts of information, and prioritizing it for an unfamiliar audience
  • Communicating in easily understandable ways using written, verbal, and multimedia techniques
  • Familiarity with diverse cultures and histories of peoples around the world
  • Understanding that globalism and localism are inseparable and their power comes from choices made by people
  • Confidence to answer questions that seem unanswerable

A bachelor’s degree in history is a launching pad for a wide variety of careers and is outstanding preparation for graduate and professional schools:


  • Public history—museums, historic preservation, archives
  • Legal—lawyers, judges, paralegals, managers
  • Education—elementary, secondary, colleges and universities, consulting
  • Politics
  • Business and management
  • Public policy and public administration
  • Diplomacy and national security
  • Law enforcement and intelligence agencies
  • Media and journalism
  • Writing
  • Libraries and information sciences
  • Advertising
  • Non-profit management and humanitarianism
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