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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!

International Direct - Bachelor of Arts - Media Arts At University of South Carolina: Tuition Fee: $35,158.00 USD / Year(Scholarship Available)

International direct admission to University of South Carolina is for international students with advanced English-language skills. It focuses on academic, cultural, and professional growth so you can excel in school - and prepare for a successful future.




As an international direct student at USC, you’ll receive:

  • Exclusive and rigorous academic coursework
  • Priority access to in-demand courses that fit your interests
  • Guidance from academic advisors and mentors
  • Career development and networking opportunities
  • Intensive classes with domestic students

Everywhere you look in our world, you see screens. You're used to movie theaters, television and the web. But the screens around you are proliferating. Walk down the street in any city and you'll see them. Go into any art gallery and they are there. We bet there's even a screen in your pocket right now. Someone has to decide what those screens look like ... what they mean. Someone has to make them relevant. Someone needs to make them beautiful.

Whether you're interested in filmmaking, game design, animation, internet art, manga, mobile media or worlds beyond, a degree in media arts at USC will prepare you to be a creator in tomorrow's media landscape. Our students are agile, independent artists who are driving the next wave in media culture. Our facilities and equipment are professional level, and our curriculum is both practical and intellectually challenging. Our faculty have screened their work on every continent (yes, even Antarctica), and our alums are making names for themselves all over the world. 

Graduates with a major in media arts are attractive to employers due to their abilities in the following areas:

  • Visual literacy
  • Computer literacy
  • Self-discipline
  • Time Management
  • Collaboration/teamwork
  • Critical thinking/analytical reasoning
  • Decision making and ethical judgment
  • Quantitative/applied technology
  • Imagining creative solutions
  • Working well with subjective and abstract concepts
  • Attending to detail
  • Clarity and intelligence in written discourse
  • Appreciating diverse communities
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