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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!

Master of Health Science – Sports Physiotherapy (Thesis) at Yeditepe University: Tuition: $6000 USD Full Program

Program Definitions

Establishment: As of 2012, Sports Physiotherapy Graduate Program started to provide education within Yeditepe University Institute of Health Sciences.

Goal: The purpose of this program for physiotherapists is; With evidence-based approaches, it is also able to interpret the literature, clinical cases, decide the assessment and evaluation methods for the current injuries of athletes, organize the treatment programs, interpret the athletic performance parameters of athletes according to valid and reliable methods, functional rehabilitation, return to sports, sports science. to train scientists who have gained theoretical and applied knowledge and skills and developed problem solving skills.

Aim: The main objectives of the program are; With the development of students' skills in accessing information and scientific evidence, it is to raise graduates who can produce specific solutions to the cases they encounter, discuss their results, present them when necessary, have ethical values, respect their colleagues, and those they work with, multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary work.

Degree Awarded: When the program is completed and the program qualifications are provided, a specialization in the field of Sports Physiotherapy is obtained.

Level of Degree: Master

Admission and registration conditions The students' admission and enrollment principles are explained in detail under the title of "Second Part-Enrollment and Enrollment Principles" in "Yeditepe University Graduate Education and Training Regulation". Candidates who apply for the Sports Physiotherapy Master's program must be graduates of the Faculty of Health Sciences or School of Health Sciences, Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation or School of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. Candidates who are successful in the science and foreign language exams can register for the program.

Rules for Recognition of Prior Learning (formal, in-formal, non-formal): Yeditepe University Senate in accordance with the principles of "Post Graduate Education and Teaching Regulation, Article 5. Student Admission Through Horizontal Transfer" in Turkish Higher Education institutions, recognition of previous formal (formal) learning, vertical, horizontal and transitions within the university, Transfer to Graduate Programs is carried out within the scope of the Basic Principles and Rules.

Qualification Requirements and Rulesı: The qualification conditions determined by the Higher Education Institution are valid. The master's program with thesis consists of at least 7 courses and 1 seminar course and thesis work, provided that it is not less than 21 credits in total.

The master's program consists of compulsory and elective courses. Up to two (2) of the courses to be taken by the student can be selected from undergraduate courses provided that they have not been taken during the undergraduate education. In addition, the courses can be chosen from the courses offered in the other higher education institutions with the recommendation of the advisor and the head of the relevant institute and the approval of the Institute Executive Board, as well as the courses that the consultant deems appropriate and necessary.

 A student in the master's program must write the results obtained in accordance with the thesis writing rules of the related institute and verbally defend his thesis before the jury. After the completion of the thesis exam, the jury makes the decision of acceptance, rejection or correction with absolute majority. The student, who has decided to correct his thesis, defends his thesis in front of the same jury by doing what is necessary within three months.

Program Profile:  Within the scope of Sports Physiotherapy Master's program, who can make clinical and scientific studies or comments in the field of sports physiotherapy, sports sciences and exercise physiology, who can advocate and present clinical study or scientific study results based on evidence, developed ethical working principles, compatible and cooperative in teamwork. A training program is carried out to train sports physiotherapists who are open, share knowledge, open to developments, lifelong learning, and can follow national and international developments. In addition to the compulsory courses in the curriculum, there are also elective courses that students can choose according to the areas they want to specialize or are interested in.

Employment Profiles of Graduatesi: Graduates have wide employment opportunities in hospitals working in sports injuries, research centers in sports sciences and exercise physiology, sports medicine departments and private clinics, sports health centers, sports clubs and federations..

Transition to Higher Degree Programs: Graduates who successfully complete the master's program and want to pursue an academic career can apply to doctoral programs in both their own fields and in multidisciplinary fields, provided that they get the valid grade from the ALES exam and provide English language proficiency.

Exams, Assessment and Evaluation: The measurement and evaluation methods applied for each course are described in detail in the "Course Education Plan" prepared by the relevant faculty members. Related articles of Yeditepe University Graduate Education and Exam Regulations are applied regarding exams and course success grades.

Students are given a letter grade as a success grade from the numerical values of the grades given by the relevant instructor for each course they take, taking into account the practices, laboratories, exams and academic activities during the semester. Success grades, coefficients and scores are shown below:

Letter Grade 


























0-49 Unsuccessful (Who cannot take the final exam and fail)



Unsuccessful (who cannot qualify for the final exam due to absenteeism))

 In addition, the following abbreviations are used according to the students' situation.

a) AU- Audience: It is given to students who attend the lesson as listeners.

b) I- Incomplete: It is given to students who cannot complete the necessary studies for the course due to their valid excuses. These students must complete the deficiencies required by the I grade by the end of the add / drop date of the semester following the latest; Upon completion of the deficiencies, the student gets the required grade. If the deficiencies are not completed by this date, the I grade of the student automatically turns into the FF grade.

c) L-On leave: It is used for students who are on leave in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation.

ç) NC- Non-credit: It is used for courses taken without credit.

d) ND-Non-Diploma: It is used for courses with or without credit that are not intended to receive a diploma from the university and are not included in the grade point calculation.

e) S- Sufficient: It is given to students who are successful in non-credit courses.

f) U- Insufficient: It is given to students who fail the non-credit courses.

g) R- Repeat: Indicates that the course is repeated.

ğ) RR-Repeat for Grading: It is given for repeated courses in order to increase the grade.

h) T- Transfer: Transfer from another program inside or outside the institution and given for the courses approved by the institute management board upon the recommendation of the relevant department. Grades of in-house transfer courses are added to the average, and those transferred from outside the institution are not.

ı) W- Withdrawal: It takes place with the approval of the advisor within the period determined in the academic calendar every year after the add / drop date.

i) X- Continues for Projects and Theses: The project is given to students who are continuing their thesis and similar studies.

The instructor of each course announces in writing the weight of midterm exams, final exams, homework, practice and other studies within the semester grade that the students are responsible for at the beginning of the semester. The weight of the mid-term exam and other studies in the semester grade cannot be less than 30% and more than 70%. Success grade cannot be lower than CC in master's degree. Notes below this require repetition.

Graduation Conditions: Graduation requirements are as described in the "Qualification Requirements and Rules" section. Successful completion of all courses available in the Sports Physiotherapy Master's program (120 ECTS in total), having a grade point average of at least 2.00 out of 4.00 and being successful in thesis defense are required for graduation.

Working Method: Full time

Department Opportunities: In the Department of Sports Physiotherapy, two professors, one associate professor and two assistant professors are working full time. There are three research assistants, one of whom is an expert. Theoretical and practical courses are supported by a specialist in the field of exercise physiology, a professor of sports physicians, an associate professor of orthopedists and a sports doctor, and a specialist in the field of sports physiotherapy. The researches can be carried out in two (2) research laboratories, which are also used as student laboratories within the body of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Yeditepe University, and in clinics and joint treatment centers within the teams.

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