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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!

Master of Science - Cyber Security (Thesis) at Uskudar University: Tuition: 21.485,00TL Full Program (Scholarship Available)

Cyber security experts play a critical role in ensuring the security of the information age.

What is the Cyber Security Graduate Program?

As the huge volume of critical data now being stored in the digital domain, it is of paramount importance to secure and protect it from malicious interests. Cybersecurity experts are the most effective line of defense to protect computer networks and electronic infrastructures against such attacks.

Cyber security experts have become an important requirement for both institutions and commercial companies as well as governments. The aim of the Master's Program with and without Thesis is to provide highly needed cyber security experts in public and private sectors. Graduates of the program will be equipped with the required theoretical and technological knowledge as well as the necessary skills to perform their profession.

What Courses are Offered in the Cyber Security Graduate Program?

Graduates of undergraduate programs can apply to the program. Scientific Preparation Program is applied when deemed necessary. This program prepares the students for their field courses and includes courses such as Discrete Mathematics, Introduction to Algorithms and Programming, Data Structures and Operating Systems. After the scientific preparation, students take compulsory and elective courses. Compulsory courses are Cyber Systems and Information Security, Introduction to Cryptography, Network Security and Application Security. Students take elective courses such as Cyber Attack Techniques, Malware Analysis and Detection, Crypto Money Technologies, Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security etc. from a rich pool of over twenty courses. There are three elective courses in the Master Program with Thesis and six elective courses in the Non-Thesis Program.

Where do Cyber Security Graduates Find a Job?

The cybersecurity field is expected to generate many new jobs over the coming decades as industry and government continue to emphasize safe data and information systems. Graduates of the program will be ready for a career as an information security specialist, secure software specialist, information security analyst, network security specialist, penetration testing specialist, vulnerability analyst, malware analyst, information security manager, security architect and so on or continue their studies toward a doctorate.

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