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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!

Master of International Finance (Thesis/ Non-Thesis) at Istanbul Bilgi University: Tuition: 55,500.00 ₺ Entire Program (Scholarship Available)

The main focus of businesses eventually relies on "financial goal". Businesses target to invest in suitable fields through financing in favorable conditions. In addition, in the context of globalizing businesses, every business is in a position of determining their policies through keeping transiently abreast of every development in every point of the world. Handling the traditional finance mentality from a "global" aspect has become a must for the businesses.

Global financial structure linked through mutual financial instruments provides significant career opportunities to many university graduates. However, these opportunities in question is somewhat limited for bachelors those have only received financial education or only economics education. Students, through a master education, will ideally comprehend many markets including New York Stock Exchange, Singapore Stock Exchange, Chicago Commodity Exchange while they learn financial management mentalities of many multinational corporations such as IBM, General Motors, LG, General Electric, Coca Cola, MAN etc. through case analysis in addition to all international financial institutions. Featured financial instruments of recent era and also those are obtained as engaged to the financial crisis such financial instruments as hedge funds, mortgage products, CDSs are main focus of international finance now. Businesses in Turkey should also have to be informed of such topics including mergers and acquisitions, global financial turbulences, new financial instruments, international capital flows and central bank influences.

International Finance master students have the following different motivations:

They are candidates to be financial managers
Graduates, those received a decent education in the field of international finance, are candidates to work at senior and executive positions in all financial institutions and also to work at financial manager positions in all real sector companies.

You can carry out studies to develop new products in the local institution you work for through clearly understanding the global financial structure and financial products.

You can build a career in global financial corporations
You can be appointed to major positions at global financial corporations thanks to your competent theoretical and practical knowledge.

You can give a proper start to your academic career
If you plan an academic career in this field, you can make a good start by participating in a comprehensive master program in your first step. The required background to continue a PhD program in finance is ideally provided.


These are the reasons making BILGI International Finance master program different:

  • Including a wide range of core courses in the curriculum such as Financial Modeling, Interest Rate Theory, Analyzing and Reporting, Risk Management, International Financial Management and Foreign Trade.
  • Introducing a viewpoint that enables students to evaluate the markets not just through a macroeconomic approach and also with respect to the financial aspects.
  • Being a brand in the financial market thanks to master programs and professional training programs
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