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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!

Masters Qualifying Programs (MQP) (066028J) + Master of Commerce (Marketing) (MCOMMKT) (078409G) at Curtin College: Tuition Fee: $47,500.00 AUD / Year (Scholarship Available)

The Master Qualifying Program (MQP) at Curtin College builds academic and language competencies required for post graduate studies. The aim is to develop– academic communication, intercultural capability, research methodology and project management skills. Employability competencies such as analytical, interpersonal, cultural awareness would be emphasised in MQP.

Upon successful completion, the graduates should be able to:
  • Evaluate and connect ideas showing logical and creative thinking, reasoning and reflective thinking appropriate for academic purposes
  • Find, evaluate, generate and share ideas and information appropriately in written, oral and digital formats for diverse purposes and audiences.
  • Incorporate global thinking in evaluating, and responding to, issues and interests of contemporary and/or historical relevance
  • Reflect on personal attitudes and values to engage respectfully across culturally diverse contexts and adapt communication and interpersonal approaches appropriately
  • Demonstrate effective teamwork, ethics, curiosity and investigative skill in working, researching and communicating for academic and professional purposes
It is a one semester (non-award) program designed for international students with tertiary qualifications but have not qualified for direct entry into master’s degree at Curtin University. The MQP graduates will meet the academic and English language requirements for entry into specified postgraduate programs (by coursework) at Curtin University. One-unit exemption* will be provided towards the postgraduate course at Curtin University.

This internationally focused, two-year master degree is ideal if students are looking to move into a new career in business.

During the first semester, students will study core commerce units that will enhance their employability, including business project management, business analytics and data visualisation, and transformative technologies that impact society and its business practices. These units will help to extend each student's core knowledge in varied areas of business and STEM, and allow them to network with a wider range of peers.

Students will then choose a major of their choice to suit their interests and gain knowledge of practices, principle and concepts in that business discipline. Students will undertake practical learning experiences that give them the ability to solve complex business problems. Students will also gain knowledge and research skills that they can apply to their particular industry.

Towards the end of the course, students complete a capstone experience. The capstone may include an internship, consultancy experience, research project or study tour, which will grow the student's network, business acumen, skill sets and knowledge of industry settings.

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