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Fall 2023 Applications Are Still Open!
Fall & Spring 2023 Applications Are Still Open!

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - Ancient History (V110) at University of Liverpool: Tuition: £17,400.00 GBP/year (Scholarship Available)

Students will develop the skills to read and analyse the surviving (and sometimes conflicting) evidence, allowing them to reach and present their own judgements convincingly on a variety of complex and controversial issues. 


Year One develops the student's knowledge of the main themes and events in Greek and Roman history, and the skills required to assess them. Further modules expand the range of sources (reliefs, statues, paintings, etc) with which the student is familiar, and focus on how the ancient world worked.

Year Two broadens the student's knowledge and improves the skills they have acquired through core modules on broad topics such as politics and the writing of histories or social and cultural themes. Students will study ancient texts, reflect on the nature of history and shape their programme with optional choices.

Year Three modules centre on key figures and themes. They reflect the research interests of the Department and allow students to enhance their skills, depth and focus. The student's dissertation will give them the opportunity to undertake detailed and independent research. The student will have an expert adviser who will help them define the topic and give them advice on useful directions to take, but the subject matter itself will be the student's own choice. 

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum Level of Education Required: 1-Year Post-Secondary Certificate
  • Min GPA: 72.0% 
  • English Proficiency Requirements:
    For direct admission, applicant must be from an English speaking country or meet either of the following English test scores:
    • Min TOEFL iBT: 78 (Min Listening: 19.0, Min Reading: 19.0, Min Speaking: 21.0, Min Writing: 19.0)
    • Min IELTS overall: 6 (Min Listening: 5.5, Min Reading: 5.5, Min Speaking: 5.5, Min Writing: 5.5)
    • Min PTE overall: 55 (Min Listening: 51, Min Reading: 51, Min Speaking: 51, Min Writing: 51)
    Applicants interested in applying for direct admission, but are yet to complete an acceptable language test, can do so, but must provide valid results before receiving a final offer letter.
    For conditional admission, you are required to provide English proficiency scores:
    • Min TOEFL iBT: 46 (Min Listening: 4, Min Reading: 4, Min Speaking: 14, Min Writing: 14)
    • Min IELTS overall: 5 (Min Listening: 4.5, Min Reading: 4.5, Min Speaking: 4.5, Min Writing: 4.5)
    • Min PTE overall: 46 (Min Listening: 36, Min Reading: 36, Min Speaking: 36, Min Writing: 36)

Other fees:

  • UCAS Application Fee: £20-25 (one-time)
* Note: Additional fees may apply
** All fees are subject to change without notice
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